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ASTARinc has for many years positioned itself as an industry leader in the constantly changing world of operator qualification training and compliance. Being the best, we only have the best working for us because we want to maintain the high quality standards that our clients have come to know us for all these years. It`s not easy maintaining high standards in such a complicated industry, but that`s the price you have to pay for being the best and we will gladly do it time and time again.

ASTARinc was formed with the sole purpose of revolutionizing the pipeline operator qualification training and evaluation services industry, and our aim was that everything we touch should turn into `gold’. So far the journey has not been easy, but the biggest source of our motivation has been witnessing what was merely a vision so many years ago come into existence. We have managed to work with a lot of companies and ensured that they are not only DOT compliant, but are also the best at what they do. We want our trainees to completely eliminate errors at their facilities and maintain safety FIRST and so far so good.

Our goal has always been to establish and maintain the highest standards in the industry, which we have proven time and time again by the dedication to excellence and our standing as the industry leader.

We believe there is still a lot more to be achieved in the natural gas pipeline industry in terms of safety, and we look forward to grow together with all our clients. Be part of the growth, and be an industry leader in your own right.

Our goal has always been to establish and maintain the highest standards in the industry, which we have proven time and time again by the dedication to excellence and our standing as the industry leader.

We have assembled a highly qualified group of individuals to serve as OQ Evaluators and Trainers, who have a vast array of experience in the industry. Our Internal Compliance Department continuously audits and trains our Evaluators/Trainers to ensure exceptional service and knowledge of industry standards and state and federal regulations. Our extensive experience gives us a unique insight and ability to understand the needs and wants of Pipeline Operators and Contractors while ensuring compliance with the evolving regulatory framework of the industry. We are constantly looking beyond the expectations of our clients in order to deliver market leading services. Contact us anytime for the best operator qualification training services.


Lance Childress

Oklahoma City, OK

Tracy Messenger

Houston, TX 

Cameron Speck

Oklahoma City, OK

Jeremy Greer

Houston, TX 

Jason Avant

Washington, PA 

Micah Pauldino

Denver, CO

“I was hired at Denbow Company as the Safety Manager, but was quickly tasked with managing our OQ program.  I had no idea what an OQ program was or where to get started with our own program.  I can’t thank Tracy, Jeremy, Sam, Rudy and the rest of ASTAR enough for walking me through, step by step, provider by provider, to make sure I understood the different tasks and requirements that are necessary to implement a successful OQ program.  All of their trainers are extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with, and you can be absolutely sure the training your employees receive will be done in a timely manner, but more importantly, it will be done correctly.  ASTAR has allowed our company to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing our employees have been trained well beyond any standards that may be required, and I can’t thank them enough for all their help.”

Jared Malcolm – Safety & OQ Manager, Denbow Company

ASTAR, Inc. has done a great job for us!  Having bilingual proctors has made Operator Qualification a smooth process.  Everyone at ASTAR has been great to work with.  Don’t hesitate, give Jeremy or Tracy a call!

Mark Saucedo, H&T Utilities

We have been using ASTAR for about 3 years now. They have made our OQ training and certification easy for us. We have complete confidence in what they do.

Buzz Marble, Sandridge Energy

Outstanding!! When we needed an evaluator company to go to one of our remote locations to qualify our employees ASTAR stepped up to the plate and delivered the service we needed.

Edgar Rodriguez, Williams

ASTAR provides very professional service in a prompt and courteous manner to our OQ and Safety requests and any related questions or issues from the initial contact to their invoicing.

C&F contracting and Rental LLC recently had ASTAR perform several Veriforce OQ task evaluations on our employees. The training personnel from ASTAR presented their selves in a professional manner from the time they arrived at our location until they departed. They were very knowledgeable on each task and presented a good training program. ASTAR personnel made C&F employees feel very comfortable during the evaluations as well. It was a pleasure working with ASTAR. C&F would highly recommend ASTAR for their safety services. They will be back to C&F in the future for our safety training requirements.

Chris Patton - President, C&F Contracting and Rental, LLC

We have been working with ASTAR for a couple years now and cannot say enough positive comments about the whole crew at ASTAR. They can and do help in every possible situation when it comes to OQ training and many times have gone above and beyond to help us reach our training goals all over the country. We have great pride in working with ASTAR and have no problem recommending ASTAR to anyone that requires OQ training.

Kelly Rodriguez, OQ Manager, Black Eagle Energy Services

ASTAR travels across the country with hardly any notice to assist us in our OQ training requirements. Our customers’ needs are dynamic and as such our needs are dynamic – ASTAR has come through every time we needed training completed. Prompt, professional, competitive. Thank you for the opportunity to be a value provider.

Brent Porter, Tanco Engineering

I deal with ASTAR on a day to day basis. ASTAR provides very professional service, from the initial request all the way through to the invoicing. They have a knowledgeable staff who can make themselves available at any time. We often have pretty quick turnaround on our OQ needs and ASTAR is able to meet and exceed our exceptions. I would highly recommend them for any of your OQ or safety needs.

Dominic DeJoseph - Safety Coordinator, Quality Integrated Services, Inc. (QIS)