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Being an industry leader in the oil & gas compliance services, everything we do is geared towards ensuring our clients have the best Oq qualification, to ensure DOT compliance. We have worked with some of the largest oil & gas companies in the country ensuring that they achieve full PHMSA and dot compliance. We take great pride on the fact that our clients continue to trust us for all their Oq qualification needs and we are always happy to welcome new clients to the family. Being the best comes at a high cost, because the best organizations in the world are relying on you for some of the most critical aspects of their operations. We therefore have to hire the best trainers, invest in state-of-the-art training tools & machinery and consistently upgrade our knowledge and skills in order to continue providing world-class compliance services. You can always rely on ASTAR .


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We have assembled a highly qualified group of individuals to serve as OQ Evaluators and Trainers, who have a vast array of experience in the industry. Our Internal Compliance Department continuously audits and trains our Evaluators/Trainers to ensure exceptional service and knowledge of industry standards and state and federal regulations. Our extensive experience gives us a unique insight and ability to understand the needs and wants of Pipeline Operators and Contractors while ensuring compliance with the evolving regulatory framework of the industry. We are constantly looking beyond the expectations of our clients in order to deliver market leading services.