PEC Basic Orientation and MSTQ Core

More and more pipeline operators are requiring contractors to successfully complete a PEC Basic Orientation oq certification program before entering the job site. ASTAR has authorized trainers on staff and can assist pipeline operators and contractors by providing the required training and documentation. Both classes are conducted in a classroom setting at your company’s location or at an ASTAR training location.


Pipeline – OQ Basics and OQ Task Specific

ASTAR understands that OQ is still new to many operators and contractor personnel and we have developed a course to help your employees get started. Many times individuals have been told they need to be evaluated and show up to the evaluation with no idea of what to expect. This course will help them understand OQ, the purpose of the evaluation and what to expect during and after the evaluation. Along with the OQ certification Basics course, we have also developed OQ Task Specific training course which includes classroom and actual hands-on training to help new employees and long-term employees either learn from the beginning or refresh their knowledge. With the proposed new rule change coming, this training will help get you on your way to meeting all DOT requirements. Some of the course we offer are:

Line Locating
Pressure Test
Flange Connection
Threaded Connection
…Plus, many more!

ASTAR offers both LMS and Instructor-Led OQ Certification Training for all courses listed above.

OSHA/Safety Training

ASTAR has quality trainers on staff to provide your company with safety training classes. ASTAR can also provide your company with a customized safety training program with safety manuals tailored to your requirements and assist in delivering the training to your field locations. ASTAR currently provides this service to hundreds of pipeline inspectors and can build an OQ certification program to fit your needs. Some of the training we offer:

  • OSHA 10 & 30
  • Trenching and Shoring
  • Confined Space
  • Hot Work
  • Fall Protection/Scaffolding
  • Heat Stress/Heat Illness Prevention
  • HazComm
  • H2S
  • Electrical
  • Fire Protection
  • PPE
  • Power Tools
  • and many more…

ASTAR offers both LMS and Instructor-Led OQ Certification Training for all courses listed above.

Specification-Training (Spec-Training)

Other Training

ATV/UTV Awareness and Proficiency Training:

ASTAR provided hundreds of pipeline workers and inspectors during the Keystone Gulf Coast and Lateral Projects. This training includes classroom and field training along with written and practical exams.

Specification Training (Spec Training)

All pipeline operators have their own training requirements for their own internal employees and their contractors. ASTAR has the experience in delivering any specialized training requirements. ASTAR will assist you with acquiring the training, delivering the material and documentation. This will provide your company with the comfort of knowing all specific training requirements will be met while eliminating delays.

*During the TransCanada – Keystone Gulf Coast project, ASTAR provided the inspectors as well as the contractors with TransCanada’s task-specific training. This allowed contractors time to place focus in other areas, thus providing TransCanada a quality product.