At ASTAR, we are not solely focused on providing OQ, Training and D&A Services; instead, we are dedicated to being an all-around solution for your company’s compliance needs.

Safety should always be the number one priority for all personnel working in an organization. Safety is actually the most critical among all the PHMSA compliance requirements. Employees working in sensitive industries such as oil & gas and other sectors that deal with hazardous materials ought to be properly trained to minimize/avoid risk and ensure dot safety compliance. At ASTAR, we train your operators until they are fully skilled on how to protect themselves and others from potential workplace hazards. We understand the challenges that operators go through in the field because we are not just mere career safety trainers; our team of trainers are actually seasoned technicians with years of experience having worked in major facilities.


Why hire ASTAR for your company dot safety compliance?

– We will train your operators on how to identify and manage workplace risks
– We will develop a customized safety program that suits your organization`s specific needs
– ASTAR will conduct an audit on your existing safety program (if indeed you have any) to determine what needs to be adjusted in order to align with the dot safety compliance requirements.
– We create and consistently manage a reliable safety program for your organization, in order to keep up and comply with any new dot or PHMSA requirements.

Why we`re ranked among the best dot safety compliance companies
-We have one of the best safety records in the industry
-High-tech training aids
-Highly qualified instructors
-Customized training program
-Ability to travel to clients facilities with ease-
Are you looking for high workplace security and increased operator competency? Look no further than ASTAR. We offer on-site contract safety personnel. Our safety professionals will have proven resumes and will undergo a thorough vetting process to ensure that each company receives the quality services they expect and deserve. Give us a call today for any enquiries or clarifications on our training services and get a free quote.