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All of ASTAR’s OQ services offered below have been used by both pipeline operators and contractors and were built specifically with their needs in mind.  References can be provided upon request.

OQ Consulting Services

ASTAR knows that meeting all of the 49 CFR 192 & 195 requirements takes time and resources. We have the time and resources that you need. Our experts can help guide you in the right direction to comply with the OQ rule.

We offer services such as:

– OQ Plan Review or Development
– Procedure Review or Development
– Gap Analysis
– DOT Audit Assist

…Plus more services upon request!

OQ Evaluations

ASTAR specializes in many different OQ service providers:

  • Veriforce – (Five star Elite Evaluator Company )
  • NCCER – The National Center for Construction Education and Research
  • ITS – Industrial Training Services (One Gas Authorized & Nisource Authorized)
  • EWN – Energy WorldNet
  • OQSG – Operator Qualification Solutions Group
  • MEA – Midwest Energy Association

“Anywhere, Anytime”

Our evaluators can evaluate anywhere, anytime: schedule work in any of our offices or choose to have our evaluators travel directly to your location. We have four OQ evaluation trailers loaded with the equipment necessary to perform the evaluations that require observation of real-world simulation. This ability to bring our evaluation center to you no matter where you are located will save your company valuable time, resources and money.

OQ Administrative Services

ASTAR can manage the client’s OQ program on a fixed annual cost that includes all OQ field evaluations as well as the day-to-day OQ responsibilities. This allows you to set your budget and focus on what you know best: pipeline construction and maintenance.

Our goal is to provide your company with a better OQ department for less cost than self-administration. Below is a list of the responsibilities that would be covered by this service:

Oversight of day-to-day OQ activities:

  • Build and maintain company-specific OQ plan
  • Ensure your company is continually in compliance with specific operator requirements
  • Manage OQ evaluators to ensure evaluations are properly performed
  • Manage audit requests from OQ service providers and clients
  • Submit documentation verifying OQ compliance at pipeline operator’s request
  • Oversight of OQ databases for accuracy (Veriforce, ISN)

Company Representation:

  • Collaborate with pipeline operators to verify accurate list of tasks to be performed
  • Attend industry and association meetings
  • Pre-job OQ and safety meetings
  • Help ensure qualified individuals are performing task (meet Span of Control)
  • Perform OQ field audits

OQ Field Evaluations:

  • Perform/organize OQ task-related training
  • Perform/organize OQ evaluations
  • Submit data to required databases and provide verification reports