So Much Time Required & Only So Much Available

Getting your OQ Certification can feel overwhelming, time-consuming, and exhausting, all before you even get started. In order to meet all of the 49 CFR 192 & 195 requirements, it takes both valuable time and important resources.

Under The Department of Transportation (DOT) in order to get properly certified, operators are required to maintain a written program they developed that is for individuals performing what are called Covered Tasks on pipeline facilities, and this work must be qualified.

Each facility will have a different set of needs, but there is a lot of work that goes into the written program, and it can get time-consuming to fully develop and review an OQ plan and procedure review. Another time-consuming process is to check for DOT standards and audit your program accordingly.

How Much Would On-Site OQ Certifications Help Your Company?

We know your time is limited, and that means it’s best to maximize resources when looking to get OQ certification. We take a deep dive below to help you understand how on-site OQ certification can help your company.

Getting on site certified is a fantastic way to have the training and evaluation work in the way that is best for you and your current workflow. ASTAR has a comprehensive set of services that are offered on site. They have evaluators available when you need them. ASTAR has four evaluation trailers, each with the necessary equipment for performing evaluations that require observation of real-world simulation.

You will want to ensure you are working on an OQ program that has a fixed cost. Most people don’t account for the additional OQ field evaluations and day to day responsibilities that add up. Setting a budget and finding a partner, like ASTAR can allow you to save money you might spend if you were to attempt self- administration.

Company Representation. Working with ASTAR allows you to collaborate with pipeline operators to verify an accurate list of tasks that will be performed. Attending industry and association meetings, pre-job OQ and safety meetings, and performing OQ field audits are all tasks ASTAR can help your company with.

What Other OQ Services Are Available?

From consulting to evaluations, ASTAR can help ensure a smooth process to certification. They offer robust services in administration and oversight amongst many other powerful resources. Mobile OQ Certification is another great  ASTAR offering, another flexible option that allows you to make sure you’re able to get OQ Certified in a convenient and easy to use platform.


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