Operator Qualification training and certification is very important for pipelines in the oil and natural gas industry. ASTAR, Inc., provides these services, among others, in many locations. This includes our training center in Maryland. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in terms of education and consulting for safety standards for pipelines. We are accountable, trustworthy, accessible, and treat our clients with respect. We will help your pipeline increase safety so you can eliminate mistakes to prevent costly liabilities and dangerous accidents.


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Operator Qualification Training

We allow you to customize your training program with several options for courses. The main components of our training offerings are:

  • PEC Basic Orientation: New contractors will learn everything they need to know to work on your pipeline safely.
  • Operator Qualification Basics: New employees will learn how to work on the pipeline for the safety of everyone, as well as the basics of qualification and what to expect from evaluations.
  • Operator Qualification Task Specific Training: Employees and contractors, whether they are rookies or veterans, will learn the safety considerations of specific tasks, duties, and positions.
  • Safety Training: All operators, contractors, and employees will learn how to satisfy requirements set up by OSHA.
  • Specification Training: This type of training is customized by you for the specific needs of your pipeline.

We provide everything you need for each of these training options, including instructors, documentation, and even our own training center if you need it. Basic training programs are conducted inside a classroom setting. The Task Specific Training combines classroom and field training for a truly hands-on learning experience. Safety training is provided for employees and contractors in the field.

Operator Qualification Certification

Certification is just as important, if not more important, as training. A certified pipeline is one that complies with safety standards. It’s also a pipeline that stays in business as a result. For more than 10 years, we have helped oil and gas pipelines like yours achieve and maintain operator qualification certification.

Professional Services for Your Operator Qualification Needs

ASTAR, Inc., provides many consulting services for oil and natural gas pipelines in Maryland. In addition to training and certification, we offer the following services to benefit your pipeline:

  • Development and review of plans and procedures
  • Analysis of potential gaps in plans and procedures
  • Assistance with audits by the Department of Transportation
  • Evaluations through various providers
  • Company representation

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