ASTAR, Inc., is an experienced provider of Operator Qualification training and certification in locations in several states, including Kansas. We place great emphasis on our core values of accountability, safety, trust, accessibility, and respect. We have provided training programs, evaluations, and certification for operators and contractors for more than a decade. We are proud to set safety standards in the oil and natural gas industry and constantly strive to improve. Our services help oil and gas pipelines prevent accidents and liabilities.


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Operator Qualification Training

Our training programs will help your employees and contractors maintain safety while on the job. Our programs are customizable, so you can choose the courses that are most relevant for your pipeline. Our main program options include PEC Basic Orientation, Operator Qualification Basics, Operator Qualification Task Specific Training, Safety Training, and Specification Training.

PEC Basic Orientation prepares contractors for conditions they will encounter on the job before they step foot on your site, while Operator Qualification Basics prepares new employees for their first day on the job. Operator Qualification Task Specific Training prepares both employees and contractors for specific tasks and duties that they will be performing. Safety Training is conducted in the field and ensures that everyone who works on your pipeline is doing so safely and efficiently. Specification Training is specialized training that you customize for your pipeline and its workers.

Operator Qualification Certification

Maintaining your Operator Qualification certification is important for your pipeline. We will help you obtain and keep this certification. We have helped countless operators and contractors do just that successfully. Our experienced trainers and evaluators will assist your pipeline with its certification needs.

ASTAR, Inc., Will Help You With Your Training and Certification Needs

We offer many services that can benefit oil and natural gas pipelines in Kansas. Our evaluators can provide consulting to keep you in compliance with Department of Transportation requirements. We will help you develop and review plans for Operator Qualification programs. We will also help you develop and review your procedures. We will analyze your pipeline’s procedures to identify gaps that could cause liabilities. We can assist you with DOT audits. Evaluations can be conducted via several different providers, including:

  • Veriforce
  • National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER)
  • Industrial Training Services (ITS)
  • Energy WorldNet (EWN)
  • Operator Qualification Solutions Group (OQSG)
  • Midwest Energy Association (MEA)


We can offer administrative services, including oversight of daily activities, company representation, and field evaluations.

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