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ASTAR, Inc., has been offering Operator Qualification Training, Evaluation, and Certification for 11 years. We operate in several states, including Colorado. We strive to be an industry leader in accountability, safety, trust, accessibility, and respect. We accept that safety standards in the oil and natural gas industry are always changing, and we vow to change with them. We offer many services centered around Operator Qualification, including training programs for the employees and contractors that work on your pipeline. We help your pipeline satisfy all DOT standards, which in turn eliminates costly errors and incidents.

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Operator Qualification Training

We help you develop training programs for your pipeline. You can choose from one of our four training programs or bring your specific training needs to us for a specialized program. Our core training programs include:

  • PEC Basic Orientation: This program helps your contractors prepare for their first day on the job site. Our instructors provide in-classroom training at our training center, or we can bring the classroom to you. We provide all documents as well.
  • Operator Qualification Basics Training: This program helps your employees prepare for their first day on the job. They will learn Operator Qualification basics, as well as the purpose of evaluations and what to expect during and after an evaluation.
  • Operator Qualification Task Specific Training: This program also helps prepare employees, but is tailored to a specific tasks. It can be taken by new employees to prepare them for the first day performing the task or by existing employees to refresh their memory. Both classroom and hands-on training is provided. It can be taken for a variety of tasks, including coating, line locating, pressure tests, flange connections, threaded connections, and more.
  • Safety Training: This program helps your pipeline satisfy all OSHA standards. We can train your workers in proper procedures for trenching, shoring, hot work, scaffolding, confined spaces, electrical work, handling power tools, and other areas of operation on your pipeline.

The Specification Training program allows you to bring your specific needs to us. We realize that every pipeline is different and requires different skill sets and safety standards. This custom training program will help to better meet your needs.

Our Experienced Evaluators and Instructors Will Help You Maintain Safety on Your Pipeline in Colorado
ASTAR, Inc., offers Operator Qualification services that can benefit any oil or natural gas pipeline in Colorado. We offer Operator Qualification training, evaluation, and certification, as well as other services which include:

  • Reviewing plans and procedures
  • Helping you develop plans and procedures
  • Gap analysis
  • DOT audit assistance
  • Drug and alcohol consulting

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