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ASTAR, Inc., offers Operator Qualification training and certification in many locations, including the state of California. We value accountability, safety, trust, accessibility, and respect. We have been focused on Operator Qualification training programs, evaluations, and certification for over 10 years. We have strived to become the industry leader – the one that everyone looks to for setting safety standards for the industry. We always want to help pipelines eliminate mistakes that lead to accidents and liabilities.

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Operator Qualification Training

We offer several options for training programs for your pipeline. These include PEC Basic Orientation, OQ Basics, OQ Task Specific Training, Safety Training, and Specification Training.

  • PEC Basic Orientation Training prepares contractors for the job before they enter the job site. We provide instructors and documents, so all you do is send the contractors our way. The training is conducted in a classroom setting and can be done at your location or our training center. 
  • Operator Qualification Basics Training prepares new employees for working on your pipeline. It will teach them the basics of Operator Qualification and what to expect from evaluations.
  • Operator Qualification Task Specific Training is applied to specific tasks, duties, and positions. It can serve as a beginner course for new employees or as a refresher course for existing employees. It includes both classroom and hands-on training for coating, line locating, pressure tests, flange and threaded connections, and other areas.
  • Safety Training provides instruction in satisfying OSHA standards. We offer training to your employees in the field for safety during trenching, shoring, hot work, scaffolding, fire protection, and other duties.
  • Specification Training is special training that you require for your pipeline. We will provide this specialized training to your employees and contractors.

Operator Qualification Certification

We can help you obtain and maintain your Operator Qualification Certification. We have been helping operators and contractors in the oil and gas industry for more than a decade, and we intend to grow with the industry from here. Our team is made up of experienced trainers and evaluators that will help your pipeline.


How Can We Help Your Pipeline in California?

Many oil and natural gas pipelines in California can benefit from the services offered by ASTAR, Inc. In addition to the Operator Qualification Training and Certification services mentioned above, we also can help you with:

  • Plan and procedure review and development
  • Gap analysis
  • Assistance with DOT audits
  • Evaluations
  • Drug and alcohol consulting

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