At ASTAR, we understand the demands of not only meeting OQ Services and training requirements, but DOT drug and alcohol (D&A) as well. According to DOT, OQ is a safety-sensitive function and all employees performing these safety-sensitive functions, whether it’s pipeline (PHMSA) or drivers (FMCSA) must be maintained in a D&A testing pool and meet certain testing percentages. We have highly qualified professionals on staff to help pipeline operators and contractors meet the strenuous and demanding requirements of your DOT or non-DOT programs.

Facilities and pipelines that transport of hazardous materials, such as oil and natural gas, is required by law to enforce strict anti-drug and alcohol rules and regulations. This is in a bid to curb any errors or mistakes that may be attributed to the use of drugs and alcohol. Errors, small mistakes, and poor judgment can be fatal in these facilities, becuase of the stict regulations,  D/A regulations must be developed and enforced for DOT compliance.  ASTAR provides experienced consultants who can offer guidance on the best D&A program for your organization. We are here to make your drug and alcohol program effective and compliant while removing the hassle of the complicated process for you. Contact us today to see how we can help!

Why choose us for your organization drug and alcohol consulting?

We provide highly qualified drug and alcohol consulting specialists to your organization and will:

  • Develop a new D&A plan or streamline your existing plan in accordance with the required laws that are stipulated under 49 CFR 40 and 199.
  • Help you establish an anti-drug and alcohol program that is in line with the PHMSA Protocol
  • Work towards developing policies that are in line with your specific organizational needs
  • Conduct an anti-drug and alcohol audit in accordance with all the CFR Part 199 and Part 40 requirements
  • Help recognize any use of prohibited drugs and alcohol to ensure DOT compliance
  • Establish clear D&A guidelines on your facility, in a manner that is easily understandable to the employees
  • Perform an audit on your current D&A program and give our recommendations
  • Provide D&A compliance management
  • Conduct reasonable suspicion testing training for D&A to your operator supervisors
  • Set up defensible D&A compliance programs in your facility
  • Set up your D&A requirements in accordance with Veriforce
  • Continually monitor your operator`s compliance with the department of transport (DOT) and PHMSA drug and alcohol program regulations.

Our professionals have years of experience conducting drug and alcohol consulting and audit services for pipeline operators and contractors. With the consulting service, your program will be thoroughly reviewed to assess your company’s DOT compliance status in accordance with 49 CFR Parts 40 & 199. After the assessment, ASTAR will assist your company with making the necessary adjustments, if any, to become fully compliant with the mandated standards.  We can also provide your company with day-to-day services such as:

  • Complete management for smaller companies (Consortium)
  • Management of NCMS and Pipeline Testing Consortium (PTC) accounts
  • Development/Maintenance of DOT and Non-DOT plans
  • plus, many other services

Call us today to find out more about how ASTAR can ensure your drug & alcohol compliance meets all regulatory and compliance standards.