ASTAR is continually looking for new and innovative ways to serve our clients.  In order to maintain this level of commitment, we have expanded our services to include the commercial sector and drones.

Drones have become a necessity for any organization that operates a pipeline network. At ASTAR, we have invested in our drone program to ensure that we provide our clients with the highest level service.  Regular patrolling of pipeline networks is essential in maintaining the integrity of your pipeline and adhering to the strict PHMSA and DOT safety compliance requirements. Routine patrolling enables you to quickly identify and take action on potential damage, leaks, or encroachments before they become a costly catastrophe.

Our drone services provide peace of mind that your pipeline is not only operating safely, but that you are in complaince with the regulatory standards.  Call us today for more details.

How will our drone services help your organization`s DOT safety compliance requirements?

Here are a few benefits:

  • Drones make it easier to access remote areas which present challenges to access by aircraft. For instance, accessing an offshore pipeline facility is often challenging due to weather conditions and the risks associated with transporting personnel to and from the location. However, a drone capable of maneuvering easily in harsh environments while eliminating potential damages or risking human life
  • Drones make it easier to obtain and interpret data
  • Our commercial drone services are cost-effective compared to using an aircraft. The reduction of costs and resources needed include the added benefit of removing the risks associated with aircraft
  • To meet DOT safety compliance standards, pipeline operators are required to monitor their systems on a regular basis. Our drones make it easier & cheaper to survey and inspect pipeline systems over a larger surface area using limited time and resources
  • Enhanced accuracy of results obtained in the field
  • Our commercial drone services ensure adherence to the PHMSA Integrity Management (IM) system
  • Ensures compliance with the PHMSA operation and maintenance plans regulations

Our drone services are capable of the following:

– Below water inspections
– Equipment inspections on offshore oil rigs
– Flying to extremely low or high altitudes (this makes it easy to detect leakages and damages to a pipeline network in the most remote places)
– 3D mapping
– Real-time footage – data is relayed immediately, thus enabling quick response to any emergencies
– Special camera sensors for clearer results
– Providing high resolution images from multiple angles
– Recording live HD videos, in real-time, through the state of the art cameras fitted on the drones
– Regular, affordable patrols of the pipeline network

We have recently purchased multiple drones, completed all pilot requirements and received our FAA Section 333 Exemption.

Our goal is to use these high tech drones to assist current and future clients in meeting their various compliance needs.

Areas of focus are:

Pipeline Right-of-Way Monitoring

Wind Turbine Inspections

Aggregate Calculations

2D & 3D Mapping and Surveys

…Plus many more!

With our drone service, you are guaranteed both quality and reliability, whenever and wherever you need it. Contact us now for a quote or more info on our drone services.